Steampunk Chats

The steampunk community is a delight. How many people can be witty in 140 characters? Well, Stephen Fry, obviously 🙂

This Friday at 9pm New York time, I’ll be hosting the #steampunkchat on Twitter. That means, I get to pick the topic!

I’ve been intrigued for ages by the interaction between nostalgia and steampunk. I’ve read (and drat it, I’ve forgotten the reference) that nostalgia increases in tough times. So this week we’ll be discussing the appeal of nostalgia and its impact on shaping steampunk, particularly the steampunk style that is slipping into mainstream culture — think corsets in fashion, accordians in rock music — what do you mean, you haven’t heard accordians in rock music? There must be some. Heck, even AC/DC used bagpipes 🙂

You can join the #steampunkchat just by following the hashtag and including it in your tweets. This is really easy to do if you join the chat in the SteampunkChat TweetChat room.

Then the following week, I’m on the Steampunk panel for Coyote Con. This is an hour long session at 8pm on Friday 26 October (again, New York time). Coyote Con is a FREE writing conference that lasts the whole weekend. My fellow panelists will be Cindy S Pape, JL Hilton and Seleste de Laney. I can’t wait to chat about writing Steampunk with fellow enthusiasts — you are all VERY welcome!


4 Replies to “Steampunk Chats”

  1. Thanks for the kind words on my tweeting habit. I think it's an addiction, not a skill 🙂 But I'll have a think if there are any tips I could assemble for people dipping their toes in that water.

    I don't dare imagine how good but funny you and Kaz will be running a session together. I'm not sure I'll make it that early Sunday morning … fingers crossed Joely publishes all the chat transcripts!

  2. I wish I could bottle your Twitter mojo. You blow me away with how prolific you are.

    Ref: Coyote con

    Kaz Augustin and I are going to do a panel on sex scenes for Coyote Con.

    Hey, if you ever do another panel, could you do one on Twitter? I would love a really basic chat on how to be a more interesting tweeter.