Digging in my heels

That screeching sound? It’s me hauling the calendar to a halt. This year has just blasted past me. It’s nearly November. Heck, it’s nearly Christmas! I’m not ready. Not ready!


That is all. I’m now dashing back to one of the way too many unfinished projects that I’m still deluding myself can be finished in 2012. If you don’t hear from me in a week or so, send chocolate!

As soon as I get some spare time – ha! – I want to explore a number of different websites, including the free books from the Metropolitan Museum of Art — Costumes, people! and other exhibits like Dirty Linen.

Um. Did I mention I’ll be at CoyoteCon this weekend? Join me! This writers conference is FREE and knows no geographical limits!

Also, QUICK! the Here Be Magic huge Halloween Party is happening now! Fantastic prizes. Fascinating discussions.