Personally, I think these guys have the right idea. I am so sleepy this morning.


But lots of exciting things are happening, so up and at ’em!

Lauren Murphy at the Australian Bookshelf is interviewing me and has reviewed Mistaken Engagement here … *peeks* Whew! and she loves the Australia Day romance 🙂

Maria Zannini, who I’ve mentioned before, gives excellent publishing and marketing tips, is one of the hosts of the current Indies 4 Hire event on Facebook. Lots of good advice whether you’re self-publishing or just thinking about it — and you get to ask questions.

Stacy Gail’s novella Nobody’s Angel released this week. Yay! You know what’s top of my TBR pile.

I made up a yummy chickpea summer salad recipe a few days ago. Totally delicious, so I’ve booked an American summer date over at Romance Cooks and will be sharing it there — in August! Yeah, that’s a long time to wait for awesomeness. Fortunately, there are some fantastic recipes and books over at Romance Cooks to keep you busy meantime.

Talking of food. It’s fig time here in my corner of Australia. Figs picked fresh from the tree are so sweet. I can’t work out why anyone would listen to those fancy TV cooks and grill them. The birds certainly don’t! which reminds me: Anyone want some birds? Noisy, fig-eating birds 🙂

Now I’m off to hunt down … no, not the birds! … more coffee 🙂

2 Replies to “Today”

  1. Do you have a fig tree? I planted one last month and it’s got little buds waiting to burst as soon as the weather warms up. I’m excited.

    I’ve only ever eaten them fresh. Grilled sounds tempting.