Yes! I should be writing my contemporary romance. But it’s early morning and I’m easing into the day. A library visit is planned — must hit my word count first! — and I’m thinking about colours. Not because I should be (word count! focus!!!) but because of this photo.


I’m not sure how the colours show up on your screen, but there is this odd yellow, gorgeous silvers, the deep blue sky and a funky red. They’re not colours I’d have thought to put together, yet the eucalypt did so and the result is stunning.

So that’s what I need to remember for my WIP: chase the strange, because the result can be beautiful.

4 Replies to “Distracted”

  1. There's a widow maker at the end of our street. I hope it's still in one piece long after I've gone too.

    'chase the strange, because the result can be beautiful' – I really like the sound of that, Jenny. What interesting imagery. 🙂

  2. Shows what I know. I thought eucalyptus trees had small rounded leaves. Is there more than one variety–or did the florist sell me a bill of goods?

    1. There are lots and lots. There's even a widow-maker … which masquerades as "lemon scented gum", one of too many that randomly drop huge branches. My granddad (bless his soul) planted them along his driveway! Fortunately for this story, he died comfortably in a nursing home and not walking up the driveway to get the mail 🙂