The writing life is a lot of fun at the moment. My surfer boy, Zane, is proving to be incredibly sexy and alpha male, and about to be knocked on his butt by cute but shy Molly. Given my enthusiasm for the story, I haven’t organised a post for the blog, but I do have some photos, snapped over the last few days.

First up is our fruitarian hunter, Toby. He’s cruising between the cherry guava and the blueberry bush and finding pretty much nothing.


Second is a moth looking just as lacy as the curtain it perched on. Sadly the camera wouldn’t cooperate and snap a great photo, but this gives you the idea.


And finally we have a regular visitor to the yard…though he’s very disobliging when it comes to standing still for a photo.


8 Replies to “Wildlife”

    1. LOL definitely take your life into your hands entering my backyard. You might be leaned-on to death 😉 That's Toby's favourite trick. He's not allowed to lick and not allowed to jump (and he's getting a bit old for that), but he's a fabulous leaner. Unbraced people stagger under the weight 🙂

  1. Ooh, is your blueberry bush producing. We didn't have much luck with ours. Actually that might have been because hubby couldn't decide where to plant it and kept shifting it *eye roll*

    A surfer story sounds good to me!

    1. LOL yeah, I don't think blueberry bushes are ambulatory. At the end of summer there's only some shrivelled looking tiny berries, but the visiting wattlebird likes them. In spring, the blueberries were prolific. Azalea plant food seems to help, but we're on really sandy soil above limestone, so maybe it's different where you are.