Sunny Sunday

In theory, Sundays are my day offline so that I don’t turn into the Hunchback of Le Computer Desk. But you know the divide between theory and practice? Well, it’s Grand Canyon size at the moment!

I’m working on a contemporary romance with Zane my hot surfer hero and Molly my shy passionate heroine. They are the loveliest couple. But they’re about to get some competition for that title because once their story is told, Zane has a brother who keeps demanding I tell his story. I can’t wait! Brodie is ex-army and tough doesn’t even begin to describe him.

But you don’t have to wait for Brodie’s tale to introduce a compelling ex-army hero to your life. Ivan Novak is the hero of my Anzac Day romance, Memories of Love, and he IS a hero. Memories of Love releases from Escape Publishing on 1 April. That’s Easter Monday! My Easter weekend is going to be chaos — of the best kind.Memories Of Love_Final

See, in addition to Memories of Love coming out over the Easter weekend, so is Dreaming of Djinn, the anthology that includes my short story, “The Pearl Flower Harvest”. I’m so honoured to have a story in this anthology. It’s quite a collection.

dreaming-of-djinn-web (2)


4 Replies to “Sunny Sunday”

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  2. It sounds like that mind of yours is about to become busier. I'm sure there are more 'voices' in there clamouring to have their stories told. 🙂

  3. LOL I don't have to imagine too hard what that particular pose looks like. I seem to have acquired a similar one. How exciting that you have so many stories on the go, Jenny. I love that Zane has a brother who's demanding a story of his own. I'm never going to see the bottom of my TBR pile at this rate. 🙂

    1. D, Brodie's been pushing for his story for as long as I've been writing Zane's. I've never had that happen before. I think, maybe, it's a sign of good things. Fingers crossed!