“Memories of Love” releases in 1 week

Memories of Love releases in a week. To celebrate, I’m sharing a snippet. This story is written from my heart, written to celebrate the mateship of Anzac Day, which is all about being there for one another in the tough times.Memories Of Love_Final

So, first the blurb, then the snippet.

In a style reminiscent of Robyn Carr, an intensely emotional story about taking chances and risking your heart.

When her family home burns down, it’s the final heartbreak for Rita Jorden who has already lost her parents. Her boss, former SAS captain and head of Tamerlane Security, Ivan Novak, steps in, offering her his home and his help. But Ivan has his own demons, and although he’s interested in Rita, there’s darkness in his past that could cause her harm. Thrown together into a situation that’s too close for comfort, this story can only end in one of two ways: in the destruction of Rita’s dreams of love — or the gift of healing and hope to two damaged survivors.


“We’ll contain the fire, but we can’t save your house.”

Rita nodded. Part of her had been mourning it since she stumbled out of bed. There would be no recovering from this. Her mobile rang and she blinked to realise she still held it.

It was instinct to answer.

“Rita, I need you to come into the office. An emergency.” Ivan Novak, her boss, owner and chief executive officer of Tamerlane Security.

Late night calls were always emergencies.

Rita cleared her throat, feeling the harsh pain of the smoke she’d swallowed. “Ivan.”

“Did I wake you?” A touch of amusement lightened his voice. “You sound croaky.”

“My house is on fire.”


Heads turned as his voice exploded from the mobile.


Memories of Love is available from Escape Publishing from 1 April, and currently available for pre-order on Amazon. Review copies are available from NetGalley.

4 Replies to ““Memories of Love” releases in 1 week”

  1. You got the trauma just right in the snippet.

    Having gone through a house fire, it always makes me emotional. I lost two dogs in that fire. Even after so many years it still stabs at me.

    1. Maria, that's horrible. Just horrible. I appreciate your comment. The house that burns down, described in the book, is based on a house my great-granddad built beside the railway line he worked on. My great-uncle lived in it way past the time he should have and we used to live in (frustrating, unable to do anything) fear that he'd burn it down and himself with it. He insisted on burning the most ridiculous things in the old fireplace. Fortunately that never happened and he's safe, snug and warm in a nursing home.