Things I should have shared

I can’t believe I forgot to share the postcards I designed to showcase my West Australian romances. Here they are! Cute, aren’t they? Plus last week I snuck into the stationery warehouse and bought a new gold pen. My signature looks awesome *says she, immodestly.

Also, I have to confess that for all my success with the mizuna and mustard spinach, the late planting of okra — and the ants! — has not been good. There are flower buds. There are also aphids.


Claire Boston has written a wonderful post on Fremantle, where the Romance Writers of Australia conference will be held in August. You can see that you HAVE to visit!

I bought a new handbag last week. This is a rare event in my life. I prefer to put everything in pockets. But with changes of glasses (sunglasses to normal ones), a mobile phone, purse, junk, keys, notebook, pen and sometimes a camera, I’ve run out of pockets. It was either grow enormously fat so that I could fit more pockets on my person, or succumb to handbag-itis. I succumbed.

Then I got the handbag home and opened it. Ew. It smelled like something had died in it. Actually, I think something did–the plastic they’d stuffed it with. However, I’m pleased to announce that leaving a small bowl of bicarb soda inside for a couple of days dealt with the smell.

Weird thing about the bag that the shop assistant told me as she rang it up was that it “protected” my purse. Not with vicious teeth and sirens, but apparently no one could walk past with some secret device and skim my credit card details. Hmm. Do I need a jeans pocket protector for the non-handbag days? 🙂

Anyways, I’m almost finished my Monday ramble. Hope you have a lovely week!

4 Replies to “Things I should have shared”

  1. Thanks for the card comments, Designer Diva!

    As for the lining, it feels like an insulated carrier bag, you know the kind you store groceries in. It's weird. I was never concerned about card skimming as I walked through the shops or wherever, but now I'm kind of "Well, those varmints won't get mine!" … I'm a victim of marketing 🙂

  2. Re: …but apparently no one could walk past with some secret device and skim my credit card details.

    Does your bag have some sort of metal lining? I'd never thought of this.

    PS Great cards!