It’s Love, Dude

The contract is signed. Edits are very nearly done. I can finally announce that It’s Love, Dude will be published by Escape Publishing on 1 October. Woohoo!

Zane Carlton is a World Champion surfer. Molly Georgiou is a shy, small-town girl. They have nothing in common except instantaneous attraction and an impossible quest for a rare, endangered Australian marsupial called the woylie. It just might be time for Molly to take a walk on the wild side!

I absolutely loved writing this romance. At 40,000 words, it’s longer than my short stories by quite a bit and I had no trouble writing the length. Molly and Zane are gorgeous together. As for Zane’s granddad…I’m adopting Tom! It’s Love, Dude is fun, sexy and filled with love.

And, I’m writing Zane’s brother’s story as we speak!


Happy weekend, whatever your plans.


I can’t resist! Here’s a snippet from It’s Love, Dude

When he didn’t immediately reach for the car keys, she added a pointed question. “If you’ve quite finished growling at me?”

He liked that she was cute and shy, but not a pushover. He’d guess she’d figured he was owed an explanation of her friendship with Tom, but now she was finished owing him anything.

“I don’t growl.” Okay, so he lowered his voice on purpose. Even to his ears it sounded rough.

Her head snapped around. “What do you call—”

He winked.

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