Can you spot the honeyeater?

I had a lovely lunch on Sunday with a group of romance authors. I don’t know what you call a group of authors. A circus? In our case, fellow diners just called us “loud”. Ahem. It was great fun.

But the interesting thing about authors is how hard it is to spot one. We blend in. I say this because I accosted total strangers in the street asking if they were authors (and therefore, trying to meet up for lunch — what can I say? organisation isn’t my strong point).

Authors are the ultimate undercover agents *wink*

7 Replies to “Camouflage”

  1. Haha! Nice post Jenny 🙂 It reminded me of when I had lunch with Jenn J McLeod, Annie Seaton, and a couple of other delightful ladies, how yes, we were loud too! And it was loads of fun 🙂

    And yes, I did spot the honeyeater 😉

    1. Brenda, your lunch sounds great, too. I've only chatted with Jenn and Annie online. I can believe it was a riot with the three of you 🙂

      I can't wait to meet everyone at the Fremantle Conference. Will you be there?

      1. I would absolutely love to be Jenny, but living on the other side of the country makes it a little difficult! My husband and I visited Perth and Fremantle in March last year, and had a wonderful time. We will try to go back one day! I hope you have a ball at the Conference…I'm sure you will!