Calling it bribery is a harsh call. “Reward” would be gentler. I’m aiming to finish my second draft of “Hero Duty” by the end of the month and Magic Rises by Ilona Andrews is my reward — hopefully the postie won’t dillydally in delivering it. I went paperback instead of kindle since I have the rest of the series in paperback.

The other book I’m seriously anticipating, although it’s a slightly longer wait, is Terry Pratchett’s Raising Steam. Woohoo! The Discworld goes Steampunk. When your favourite author tackles your favourite genre, expectations are huge!

What I’d like to do is abandon the whole chocolate-as-reward strategy and the even more diet-busting chocolate-as-encouragement strategy. But I love chocolate, so this is unlikely.

Anyways, if I’m to read “Magic Rises” guilt-free at the end of the month, I’d best get writing. See you soon!

7 Replies to “Bribery”

      1. You keep out doing yourself- every year I love them and think they are the best and then the next year they are even betetr than before! I adore them and am so grateful that it is you that captures my family every year! Love you!

  1. Rewarding yourself with a new book and having yet another to look forward to is certainly a healthier option, but it's a fact of life that sometimes only chocolate will do. (says the person who isn't supposed to eat it)