8 Replies to “Coastal Romance. Is It Just the Settting?”

  1. For me, the seaside is inextricably linked with holidays and escape from everyday drudgery. At the same time, I sometimes wonder what it's like living in one of those little coastal towns that get swamped with visitors every summer.

  2. Hi Jenny!

    I love to escape. And if I can escape to the sea or the coast, sun, sand and surf in a story-all the better! Congratulations on the release of your latest coastal romance!

  3. If you can feel the sand beneath your feet, hear the seagulls overhead and see the sea stretching out to the horizon, it's a coastal romance. It's very coastal romance when the sea is an integral part of the plot. 🙂

  4. Interesting Jenny!
    I think the coast needs to be the setting for most of the book, and the story needs to happen there. I don't think it would work if a book was set in a non-coastal area, & the hero & heroine go to the beach one day for lunch, and yo-ho, it became a coastal romance.
    So I guess it's to involve water, beach walks, the scent/rhythm of the ocean. I wrote a scene last night in my WIP talking about the rhythm of the ocean and a sense of renewal the heroine found there…
    So those types of things – but I like your definition above.
    I'm not much of a 'rules' girl, so I'm not shrieking & throwing peanuts.
    Lily M