Jobs for Coastal Romance Heroes

Alpha heroes don’t have a boss — or else they have one that they ignore. They are independent, powerful and capable. Whatever they encounter, they can master — except their women. And that’s a lot of the fun of a well-written

With Coastal Romance there is the theme of freedom that fits well with an alpha hero. He pits his strength against a raging ocean or rescues baby seals or dives with sharks. He takes risks and triumphs.

When I was in high school, one of the dream jobs was to be a marine biologist. I think that would be a great job for a Coastal Romance hero. But I’ve also put together a list of other possibilities:

Maritime archaeologist
Coast Guard (in America) and other marine military options
Coast Guard activities covered by volunteers, navy and water police (in Australia)
Surf lifesavers
Underwater photographer
Boat-builder – I’ve gone with a wooden boat building site, but your choice!
Marine park ranger
Oil and gas industry
Fisherman – so many variations, link to Alaskan fishing
Cruise ship captain
Fish farmer
Abalone diver
Marine salvage

The list goes on. It’s worth visiting the Art of Manliness site and reading their “So You Want My Job” series. Lots of inspiration for alpha hero occupations.

What occupation would you like to see your Coastal Romance hero involved in?

15 Replies to “Jobs for Coastal Romance Heroes”

  1. if it saves time on housework, (or better yet, takes it away altogether) I'm all for technology but I agree, some things shouldn't be rushed and not everything needs to change or be 'updated'. 🙂

  2. An underwater photographer would be cool. In another lifetime I worked in a photography lab developing films and printing photos. Some of the marine life pictures were fantastic and a great deal of the time the cheapie underwater disposable cameras produced better pictures then their fancy cousins.

      1. Helps if the developer has a good eye for colour and their chemical mix is spot on. As technology has changed, I'm not sure how much the procedures have changed to suit. Hopefully those cheapies are still producing great shots.

    1. I always used to think of whaling as historical, but a friend's dad caught the last years of whaling down at Albany in the south west of Australia. It's more recent in Australia than we like to think.

      1. Ah but my hero is a good guy and even in 1860 he decides to give it away…the industry actually slumped really badly around that time. Shame it didn't stay slumped!

        1. I should have known he'd be a good guy. 🙂

          No matter how much I deplore whale hunting, the courage of the men who travelled so far in the nineteenth century amazed me. Yankee whalers were down in Australia's south west waters. Great guy to have as a hero.