Where am I?

I think I’m spread too thin across social media. Just look at the number of buttons on the left side of this blog. Ouch! Anyways, I thought I’d do a round up of where I am online, in case any of you are there too and we haven’t connected. I’m a bit shy about “friending” people but I’m delighted when others are braver than me. So, here goes.

Twitter — for quick chats, quips and keeping up with the news.

Facebook — because everyone’s there (kind of like high school) but I don’t really like it. I tend to share funny/cute pics.

Google+ — still trying to work out the role of G+, but if Google takes over the world, I intend to be on that train!

BookLikes — I blog here nearly every day. Just short posts or pics or reshares of other people’s cleverness. Nice community and a good place to review books.

Medium — for thoughtful conversations/articles. I stepped away from this site for a while, but I think I’ll cut down on Facebook time to read articles here.

Goodreads — I have an account and update my reviews, but I don’t really connect with people.

Tumblr — honestly, another blog? I’m not sure how I’ll use Tumblr. I just deleted 1400 of my existing posts there (mammoth delete session) and am re-purposing my use of the site. Expect news, oddities and fashion. Yeah, fashion. I don’t want the heroines I write to have my daggy dress sense 🙂

2 Replies to “Where am I?”

  1. I'm so glad you posted this list. I've never heard of BookLikes, but I added that feed to my reader, so I can 'stalk' you there. 🙂

    I think it's good to post these things once in a while. People take for granted they only see you in one or two places. If nothing else, it expands our horizons to see what else is out there.

    1. I'm glad it wasn't a boring post. I suddenly realised that I was spending all this time online (even creating content!) and a lot of the time no one could find me. Becoming a writer has been a drastic life change. Decades spent learning how to fade into the background, and now, dashing around the stage trying to jump into the moving limelight 🙂