Gardening and other prep

pomegranateThe season is turning. The heat of summer is giving way to cooler Autumn days. The plants are grateful. Here the leaves don’t glow with colour. The weather stays warm too  long and the leaves simply fall. But we do have pomegranates.

holy basilI trimmed the holy basil and it has a flush of new green growth. The seeds are stored for next summer, along with those of the sweet basil, which definitely hasn’t gotten the message that summer is over. sweet basil

Roses are enjoying a burst of colour. Insects are everywhere, and so are the birds eating them. I always know when it’s lawn beetle grub season because the magpies descent for afternoon tea and Toby is a good boy and (mostly) doesn’t chase them away.

rosesThere’s an energy to autumn that wakes me up after the lethargy of summer heat. I have big plans for the next few months, writing plans, but for now they’re sshhh while I think on them. I’d hate to promise what I can’t deliver.

How about you? Do you have any special autumn/spring plans?


6 Replies to “Gardening and other prep”

  1. Well, it's spring by us now and we're just getting started. Autumn is nice to give everything (and everyone) a rest from the heat though.

    1. LOL I have this picture — I know it can't be true — of you planting out rows of sweetcorn while the kids cavort through the garden. In reality, their mamas would be right behind you eating the new sweetcorn (which you'd plant as seed anyway — totally unreal vision). I hope your garden springs up without any late frosts.

    1. That sounds good. I tried growing okra last year, but put it in too late. Dismal failure. It was over run by ants, which totally put me off trying again. I hope you get your roses 🙂