Nearly winter – oh the irony!

kookaburrasIt’s nearly winter here in my corner of Australia — which is to say, the sun is shining, the grass is green and roses are rioting in colourful display. Winter’s not so bad. Just ask the two gossipy kookaburras I spotted yesterday in a neighbour’s gum tree.

HeroDutyHowever, there’s an irony I’m fully aware of in that on the day winter officially begins (1 June) my new contemporary romance releases. You can’t get much more summery than the cover of Hero Duty — gorgeous and retro. Love it!

Do you think that between the internet and air-conditioning, the sense of changing seasons is being lost?

Where I live, the climate isn’t helping. The fickle weather gods keep pushing winter back further and further, so that if you sowed winter vegies like spinach now, they’d bolt to seed because it’s so warm.

Still, it makes for lovely walking weather. I was strolling along a beach trail the other day and spotted this old fallen branch — and then I remembered the “watercolour” function on my camera. I really like the result.



3 Replies to “Nearly winter – oh the irony!”

  1. Not to worry. It’s a global community and it’s nearly summer here so everyone in the northern hemisphere is thinking beaches and hot men. 🙂