Hero Duty Happiness!

With Hero Duty releasing 1 June, this is the slightly crazy release week where my plans tend to go wildly askew. Never mind! Hero Duty has already garnered some five star reviews. Visiting Goodreads this week is making me very happy!

Janie won my Aussie ephemera giveaway. Congrats, Janie!

BookLikes chose three random winners of Hero Duty. Happiness! I love giving away books. I think that comes from being a devoted readaholic 🙂

And I have a number of graphics I made to celebrate Hero Duty that I haven’t shared yet — or have I? I forget!

Before you look at the graphics, a quick and sincere thank you to everyone for your friendship and support through the week. I thought new releases became easier as you put out more books. I’ve discovered it’s the opposite! Thank you all for being there.


















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