Current Projects

kissbookKiss It Better will be out soon. This is my third Jardin Bay book and was an emotional book to write and revise. Quarter Life Crises don’t sound as dramatic as the more well-known Mid Life Crises, but they’re just as devastating. You think you’re heading down one road, but suddenly you’re questioning it.

When Cassie Freedom’s dream of nursing in Africa shatters, Jardin Bay welcomes her home to its familiar security. But Dr Theo Morrigan is about to change everything. Theo’s had to leave his medical practice to take over the family business, and now he’s thinking of a more personal takeover; that is, until his own life is rocked by revelation of an old secret and suddenly the man who needed no one, needs a broken-hearted nurse.

I have a secret project under way. Editor and stars aligning, I’ll be able to tell you about it soon. I hate having to keep secrets!

Meantime, I’m writing Chasing Xanadu, a full length (80,000 words) romance novel with a touch of suspense. It’s set in the Kimberley and has sunken treasure, tangled family loyalties and a Hollywood-worthy romance (this is a bit of an in-joke – Jolene, the heroine, is an actress).

If you’ve not heard of the Kimberley region in north west Australia, you’ve missed out one of the most spectacular wildernesses on Earth. More details here.kimberley






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    1. Awesome! You’ll be flying from one corner of the continent to the other — hope you have a handsome pilot 🙂

      I haven’t actually made it to the Kimberley yet — and I live in the same state! but Western Australia is huge. Kinda like Texas, independent attitude and all 🙂