Daisy Delight

daisy delight

A Daisy Week is joyous. Such a great way to launch my Flower Fortunes. Every Monday I’ll be consulting the flowers to find out what the week will bring. Then I’ll tell you.

Daisies are happy flowers. They open their petals for sunshine and delight in the day. But they fade fast.

So this is a week to keep your eyes open. It’ll be a week filled with snatches of happiness — you have to unfurl your petals fast to enjoy those moments.

Look out for unexpected encounters. You’ll see an old friend, but he won’t see you. It’ll be your decision whether to say “hi”. Go for it! Don’t worry that you’re wearing mis-matching socks. He won’t know. Don’t worry that your parking ticket is about to expire — although if you meet the ticket-inspector, smile! Daisies naturally attract bees and butterflies. Share some of that sparkle.

And don’t stress the little things. That’s the Zen of a Daisy Week: live in the moment and live it to the full.

Do let me know if you have any unexpected encounters — or if you meet a ticket-inspector!


*Disclaimer: Flower Fortunes are a lot of fun, but please consult Common Sense when planning your week.

5 Replies to “Daisy Delight”

  1. I need to plant daisies to attract the butterflies (and the bees). For some reason daisies make me think of innocence. 🙂

    1. Oh that’s lovely, D. Innocence.

      For me, I think they’re practical. They’re not insanely allergy creating. Bees don’t cluster around them, unlike something like rosemary. And most importantly, they aren’t prickly, thorny or anything else dangerous when my dog bulldozes through them, as he will *sigh*

      1. I have a half-hearted veggie patch and I did grow roses for a while (before kids) but I never thought about daisies. Our dog went over the rainbow bridge about 18 months ago now, but he always good around the gardens. 🙂