Cover Reveal, New Projects & Chaos


Kiss It Better releases 1 October. You’re going to love this quarter life crisis romance. That time when we stop and think what we want from life, if we’re getting it and what to change. Seize the day!

Draft blurb:

When Cassie Freedom’s dream of nursing in Africa shatters, Jardin Bay welcomes her home to its familiar security. But Dr Theo Morrigan is about to change everything. Theo’s had to leave his medical practice to take over the family business, and now he’s thinking of a more personal takeover; that is, until his own life is rocked by revelation of an old secret and suddenly the man who needed no one, needs a broken-hearted nurse.

While you wait impatiently for Kiss It Better to release, I’ll be busy writing one novel and outlining a second. I am *gulp* starting two new series.

The first is Quest Guides, a loosely linked collection of stories that centres around an extreme tour guide company. Whatever your quest, they have the man (or woman!) to get you there. The first title will be Chasing Xanadu, my Kimberley romance that I’ve been talking about for ages.

Draft blurb:

Treasure hunt! To save her family, Jolene Dillon will trust herself and her dreams to a reckless adventurer called Scott Riordan. Larger than life and just as grumpy, Scott has little time for a city-girl hairdresser wasting her holidays chasing a legendary fortune through Australia’s wild North West.

But Jolene is used to doing it tough and as she battles saltwater crocodiles, treacherous whirlpools and her unwanted attraction to a man who makes legends seem dull, she knows one thing for sure: after chasing Xanadu, she’ll never ever settle for less than the impossible best.

Where Chasing Xanadu launches a series that leans towards romantic suspense, my second series leans towards romantic comedy and features fairytale retellings. I’m thinking of calling it Fairytales in Oz for the Australian settings. The first title is Butler to the Beast.

Draft blurb:

When a man employs a beautiful trouble magnet, he’s asking for everything he gets.

Brett Easton is the inventor of Beast Power Machines, a genius and a beleaguered man. Ever since the women’s magazines labelled him the Bachelor Billionaire women (and men) have been invading his privacy, wanting to woo him. And then there’s his extended, complicated and demanding family. What he needs is a gatekeeper, someone to keep the hordes at bay.

What he gets is Nancy Collins.

Nancy flunked butler school, but she’s not about to tell her new employer that. She needs the job, and she soon realises that Brett needs her. She’ll protect her beastly-tempered boss even if she has to sacrifice her reputation — and his — to do so.

I’ve set myself an ambitious schedule, but now that I’m slowly resurfacing from the chaos of moving house, I hope I can keep to it. I aim to release a novel every three months. With Kiss It Better coming out in October, that means I need to leap into self-publishing and get Butler to the Beast out in January. Then I have a secret project — announcement soon — and then it’ll be time *fingers crossed* to get Quest Guides out and wow’ing the world.

Wish me luck, I’m going to need it!


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