A Wandering Week


This gorgeous little wildflower is called Happy Wanderer and that is so right for this week. Prepare to amble down some strange paths in the next few days.

Forget the old adage that curiosity killed the cat, and indulge yourself.  What is just over the horizon? at the end of the rainbow? around the corner of the curving path in the park? Stretch your world just a little and go and see.

Some people call it following your bliss.

We tend to be curious about things that we need to know or experience. That’s the wiser part of ourselves (the scary brave bit) pushing us to be everything we can be.

There’s no need to put yourself under pressure this week, but when the opportunity comes up to wander along a wilder path — take it! Your ordinary everyday world will still be there when you return. And you may appreciate it more 🙂


*Remember: Flower fortunes are fun, but common sense is probably a better guide when planning your week.

6 Replies to “A Wandering Week”

  1. Some of my favorite wanderings came from simply getting lost. –not that hard to do with me. But considering the adventures it gave me, was totally worth it.
    PS Love that little flower. It’s gorgeous!