Yellow Rose Hunger

yellow rose

Your Yellow Rose Week will be a bit unsettled; like having the mid-afternoon munchies. You’ll be restless and wanting something, but unable to decide quite what. Resist the chocolate! There is something good out there — something you desire — but you have to refuse a fleeting pleasure/distraction to acquire it.

Yellow roses traditionally mean friendship, and we’re all hungry for acceptance, kindness, laughter and a sensitive challenge to be all that we can be. We want people to appreciate us. And we want to trust others; to be able to unfurl our petals and share some of our secret selves.

Maybe that’s your hunger this week?

If you’re searching for a soul friend, your anam cara, there aren’t any guarantees that this special person will reveal themselves this week. But the search is important. Readying yourself to be brave, generous and attentive can only help all of your life.

Hunger isn’t always a bad thing. It can tell us what we need. Remind us what is important.

Identify your hunger and then decide how you’ll satisfy it.

and speaking of hunger and the trouble it can get you into, here’s the Cookie Monster 🙂


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