Nasturtium Week


Nasturtiums will grow anywhere, and often self-seed. They spring up on their own, in the most unlikely places, and try to grow to meet every other plant in the garden. They’re friendly that way!


A Nasturtium Week is filled with pepper and determination. Have you ever eaten the flowers? A hint of sweet and a lot of peppery tang. Delicious!

Life is going to zap you this week. Zap! and a temptation to snarl at someone for their stupidity. Zap! and your own stupidity trips you up. Zap! and here’s an unexpected opportunity, but a grasp the nettle kind of one. Ouchie, but worth it if you really commit.

Nasturtiums also attract cabbage moths – those white, floaty, drifting moths of summer. Their caterpillars may eat your garden plants, but as adults they’re as fragile and beautiful as dreams. Likewise this week may munch on you a bit, but if you persevere, there are beautiful moments waiting to lift your spirits.

Happy Nasturtium Week!

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