Is it the New Year yet?

2014 has been a mongrel of a year. (Mongrel being a good, oldfashioned, polite-ish Aussie swearword for a **** anything). So I’d really like to end it now and start again.

Here are my it’s-only-September-New-Year-resolutions:

  • drastically cut down sugar. I feel better without it, but reach for it whenever I get stressed. Bah. Willpower, woman!
  • cut down social media. Oh my goodness! It’s like sugar. Feel stressed? Tweet! I lose time and worse, I lose energy and enthusiasm, writing social media when I should be writing my WIP *waves hi to “Chasing Xanadu”* Remember me?
  • cut down distractions. Real life (i.e. everything that interferes with my writing 😉 ) has been crazy this year. I have to get better at juggling and really, get better at being selfish. I don’t necessary agree with the sexist generalisations in this article from Overland, but I do think that selfishness wins you time (possibly because everyone ends up hating you!) Prioritising my must-do’s over other people’s might be my biggest challenge.

I want to finish three books by the end of the year *gulp* So if you see my on Twitter, talking about donuts, kick my butt. Please!procras

4 Replies to “Is it the New Year yet?”

    1. Yes, please. That might help keep me honest. I have an old MS I’m revising. So that’s one. My current MS (so far behind) and a fairytale retelling that I’m hoping will write itself!

  1. I never open Twitter anymore unless its to respond to someone’s shout out. At least that’s one social media outlet I can let go.

    This hasn’t been the best year for me either. I know a lot of it has to do with getting Greg retired, getting his house fixed up, and getting it sold, but the whole process has been one long grind. I just want it to be over so we could move forward.

    I know it’ll get better. Nothing ever stays the same, but I just wish it would hurry up.