Frangipani Ready Week


Are you ready? Frangipani week is about to hit and it’s about as subtle as the frangipani’s scent — which is to say, not at all!

Everything looks great. There’s not a cloud in the sky. Huge sigh of relief. But…

Everything looks great because you’ve been sticking your head in the sand about stuff.


Frangipani Week demands that you look up, look around and adjust your reality. Things are often not as bad as you think. But the flipside of that is that sometimes what you’ve settled for is not as good as you’re kidding yourself it is.

Look at it a different way: there’s some beach sand clinging between your toes. It’s not bad. It’s even a good memory of a recent visit to the beach. But if you wash it off, it won’t rub and irritate you. Nor will you track it through the house. In other words, let go of the small irritations so you can move forward.

Frangipani Week is a great time to shake loose some of that sand.