Everlasting Week

LOL No, this is not a week that goes on forever.


Everlastings are Australian wildflowers that spring up in their thousands (millions?) and carpet the outback in blazes of pink, white and yellow. Their sheer number makes for a breath-taking display.

Their petals are also rustly like paper. Very tactile and tough little plants.

The point is they make an impact through being one of many.

Generally the message of our culture is that we’re special because we’re unique. But sometimes our power is by being one of many — and by knowing where we belong.

In an Everlasting Week you’ll encounter a couple of invitations (at a minimum) to join your community. This may be a physical community, the people where you live, or a virtual one, an online interaction with people who share some of your interests. The invitation may look a lot like a demand for help — but that demand may be made by you!

Asking for help is something we’re often scared to do. “Won’t others find me annoying? Everyone’s so busy.” Nope. Asking people for their advice flatters them because it says you value their knowledge and experience. And asking for help with small things (like reaching jars on high shelves in supermarkets — I’m so short) gives them a golden glow of being a good neighbour without asking for a huge effort.

Asking for help and giving help builds the bonds of community. Reciprocity isn’t just a hard to pronounce word 😉 It’s the Golden Rule of do unto others… It’s about building trust — trusting others with our needs and with the knowledge that we’re not self-sufficient, independent, god-like beings.

So in an Everlasting Week, join your community and enjoy being part of something beautiful.


2 Replies to “Everlasting Week”

  1. I don’t even have the excuse of distance — it’s just so easy to get caught up in life and not go out and meet people. I hope you and Greg find something that is fun. They have community gardens and things around here that if I was less lazy/busy it would be great to be part of.

    And I take these photos, so your comment is very welcome 🙂 I love digital cameras

  2. This is timely for me. Now that hubby and I are making the transition to live together again, I want to try and reach out locally and be active in the things that interest us like pet shelters and gardening, to name a couple.

    I’d like us not only to expand our groups but do things that both of us like to do together. Too often as we get older, we become more isolated. We already live out in the boonies. If we want to make new friends, we’ll have to make the effort to meet them.

    Re: flowers
    Do you take these photographs? They’re beautiful!