Plans, Plans, and More Plans!

Can you believe it’s nearly 2015? Me, neither! Before we lose 2014 — not that I’ll be entirely sad to see it go. There’s definitely been better years — I have two more novellas to publish.

I’m saving up the details and the covers, which are gorgeous. So this is just a tease.

Clockwork Gold, as you may guess from the name, is a Steampunk novella set in Western Australia in 1896 and dives into adventurous times in the Goldfields. The heroine has her own dirigible, the Blue Wren, and the hero is an Agent of the Crown. Hi-jinks at altitude 😉

Demon Hunter is … well, it’s a paranormal romance, but it’s so much more. I have a feeling that whilst this story is complete in itself, I’ll be returning to the world it creates. A world of guardians and magic, of weres (shapeshifters) and portal-travel, and of love. There is so much passion in this world, with high stakes and people who live on the edge so that others can live safely.

I can’t wait to share these two stories!

6 Replies to “Plans, Plans, and More Plans!”

    1. D, Demon Hunter is out Dec 17. Would you like a copy now? I’ll email it happily – just shout 🙂 When you’ve met the hero Steve, you’ll understand why I have to write his story *purrrr*