Pink Rose Week

pink rose,

A week of high energy and no need to channel it. A Pink Rose Week is a rare kind of week and one to enjoy; kind of like being a kid again with your birthday around the corner.

You’re all revved up, bursting with energy and random plans. Sure, most of your plans won’t get off th eground, but this isn’t the week to worry about that. This is a week to simply be and do anything.

Sometimes “being sensible” just keeps us in our ruts. Pink Rose Weeks shake things up. Run, jump, cartwheel.

The best thing is that Pink Rose Weeks have no expectations, no pressure. They a time when the sensible voice in our heads loses out to “just do it!”

You might scrape your knee, offend your boss or cook an inedible (but adventurous) meal this week, but you won’t be bored. Enjoy the energy and the reminder that your inner risk-taker is alive and raring to go!