I’ve created an app

This is kind of scary because I think of apps as something tech-heads do. And I’m tech-challenged.

But Adsy was relatively easy – a little bit of learning what order to do it in and constraints of text arrangement.

Anyways. Ta da!

(by which I mean, I can’t work out how to get it to open in a WordPress blog. But if you click this link, it works 🙂 )


6 Replies to “I’ve created an app”

    1. Thanks, Kim 🙂 I felt like a dork, so glad I didn’t sound toooooo bad.

      I have plans to create a superduper app for my new paranormal romance, “Demon Hunter”. I sat down yesterday and wrote an entire plan of attack and will start taking photos and organising stuff soon.

      I think apps have finally (I am so slow) made me understand what the experts say when they tell us storytelling has to go beyond the book.

      In effect, the app for Demon Hunter will tell a real life story connected to the fictional one – lots of laughter and “I am NOT sharing that” when I discuss it because part of it is set where I grew up: Fremantle.

    1. Hour or two. It was super easy. The adsy people contacted me on Twitter and I said something like “don’t be stupid. I’m tech-challenged. I can’t create an app”. They said a child could. So, my maturity being at risk, I tried. And they were right 🙂

      This was a rough fairly unplanned thing, but I will create a more elaborate one for a book launch next month. I can see possibilities 🙂

      Definitely suits me better than book trailers.