Snapdragon Week


I only had a small old picture of a snapdragon, one that self-seeded in a crack in the driveway — now that’s proof how tough they are!

Feeling a bit cross? Well, it is a Snapdragon Week. Forgive yourself the muttered road rage and snarling at the TV news. And honestly, your family and work colleagues aren’t being extra-special annoying. Nope. Unfortunately, in a Snapdragon Week, the problem is you.

This is the week your subconscious has decided to kick you on the path to self improvement. If you fight it, you’ll just prolong your crankiness.

Stop. Breathe. And work out what you can change. Start small because this is NOT the week to add to your stress level by attempting major self-improvement.

So snap a small habit. Habits are just chains of repeated actions. They’re within your control. Snap one and build a healthy new one.

I’m not going to give an example because we all have different demons, but truly, look at what’s making you cross, look honestly, and you’ll see the change you’re being dared (and nagged and harassed) to make. Tricky sub-consciouses!