Jacaranda Week


As jacaranda trees burst into flower and carpet streets and yards in a squidgy bluey purple mess, this is a time of celebration and transformation.

A Jacaranda Week means new clothes! Oh dear. It may also mean new shoes — and I’m not a fan of shoe shopping. It means you, too, are going to feel the need to display your best self.

Brace yourself, you may even feel the need to clean the house!

It’s totally worth the hassle because this is a time to feel good about yourself. Dye your hair, get a new style, have a pedicure. Whatever it is that makes you, like jacaranda trees, stop traffic 🙂

5 Replies to “Jacaranda Week”

    1. Window shopping is my favourite kind! I’m never disappointed, because I never try things on or have to scrape myself up off the floor after seeing the price tag 🙂

  1. I love Jacaranda trees. They’re so pretty when they’re in bloom. Whenever I see one, I think of Kenya since during our visit there many years ago, all of the jacarandas were in bloom and we stayed at a hotel called the Jacaranda.

    1. Shelley, that is a great name for a hotel.

      I suspect one of my stories will soon involve a place named for a pretty tree. Aren’t our author minds strange?