Geranium Week

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It’s a Geranium Week – prepare to be shocked.

I dislike the smell of geraniums. I guess the specially scented ones, like those that smell of lemon or apple, are all right. But the plain, ordinary, brightly flowering geraniums stink.

However, there is much to admire about geraniums and right up there is their boldness. Whether it’s scent, colour or vigorous growth, they’re definite about who they are and the life they’re going to lead.

We tend to be a bit fuzzy about ourselves, a bit indistinct around the edges, a bit blurred about who we are, what we do and what we’re aiming to do. So this week is a shock because someone’s going to show us that they see us clearly.

It’s disconcerting to see ourselves through others’ eyes. Distinctly disconcerting to realise that we appear quite pulled together and as if we know where we’re going. And here’s the kicker: we do!

So in a Geranium Week don’t refuse the knowledge of seeing ourselves as others see us. We’re actually far more amazing than we believe.