Zinnia Week

flower fortunes

A Zinnia Week blazes with colour. Flamboyance is the word — and the attitude you’re going to encounter. Person after person, you’ll meet people who seem to be taking up more than their fair share of the world. They’re just such powerful personalities.

I’ve got a secret for you — that powerful personality is in you, too, and in a Zinnia Week it’s sulking and pouting when it sees other people getting out there while you restrain it.

Let yourself go! This is a Zinnia Week where I swear there are way zanier people than you out there enjoying themselves.

So there’s your challenge: What are you flamboyant about? We all have something we secretly want to dance around about. And it can be something weird. When I’ve cleaned the bathroom and its all shiny and sparkly, I want to haul people in off the street to admire it. See? I’m weird 🙂 What makes you sparkle? What makes you more “you” than anything else in the world?

Now, I’m off to clean the bathroom 😉