2015 is Two Weeks Old

How’s 2015 been treating you? I’ve been stuck in the study writing (a bit), promoting my new releases (a lot) and planning future projects (so much fun).

Today I’m sorting out a final few things and hope to clear them up over the weekend so that I hit the ground running on Monday. Djinn Justice, the sequel to Demon Hunter, is taunting me. I want to start writing it, but know that it needs a clear brain and utter focus to get it right. It’s a complicated story and I have a suspicion it will end up a novel rather than novella.

golden retriever,Toby also reminded me (mental telepathy) that I haven’t shared a photo of him lately. So I snapped one yesterday evening as we sat outside, catching a cool breeze after a run of hot days. He turned ten in November, so he’s now receiving the careful treatment due an old dog. Now, if someone could just remind him he’s old!

I’m redesigning my newsletter, today — hence the procrastination with this post. MailChimp generally defeats me. *sigh* However, it will be nice to have a template set up and an efficient way to alert readers to my new releases. The sign up button is on the left of this post — or if you’re reading on a smartphone, click the top right button near my name to change to the menu, and you’ll find the newsletter sign up about halfway down.

How do you like the teaser for Kiss It, Better which releases 22 January and is FREE for the first three days?

Valentine's Day romance, short story, Kindle Unlimited,


I’ve noticed (in my obsession with learning how to promote books on Facebook) that teasers are the new big thing.

Have you discovered anything interesting in 2015? Made any resolutions to do things differently? Ventured outside your study? 😉 I’ve heard summer’s happening, but that’s pretty much hearsay.

Thank you all heaps for your support as I crash into self-publishing, bumbling along and relying on everyone’s kindness. Fortunately, that kindness seems infinite!

4 Replies to “2015 is Two Weeks Old”

  1. I tell you – dogs are great at telepathy. I’m very well trained, and hubby and I cracked up when I received the “eye roll” today.

    Your teasers look great. Do you still use Canva to make them?

    1. Dogs do make us laugh. I just got an “are you for real?” look from my dog.

      Thanks! Yes, I’m still completely in love with Canva. I find it easy to use – and a lovely timesink 😉

    1. Dogs do train us! 🙂

      Yeah, teasers are still something I’m learning, but persevering! One day I’ll get to something *before* its popularity peaks.