Tomato Flower Week


A Tomato Flower Week is confusing. Just like the tomato flower. It’s so modest. Totally outclassed by the ripe red fruit, and even by the spicy scent of tomato leaves — don’t you love that smell on a summer’s evening, when water hits the leaves and the scent engulfs you? A Tomato Flower Week is one of promise.

Good things start small.

You mightn’t always realise it, but things are beginning all around you. Life has its cycles, yes, but those cycles are many. Something is always starting, just as other things are ending.

If we can help the small good things grow, we’re growing a better world.

This week, you’ll see a lot of bad news (the television and net are full of it), but you’ll also see tiny shoots of hope: potential in people that needs nurturing. Maybe potential in yourself.

Look closely at things and find new life, and new reasons to embrace it.