Procrastination. Don’t fight it

Procrastination is your subconscious over-ruling your conscious self.

rfm3What I really wanted to do today was write my secret project. I have notes, I have a cover, I have absolutely everything except the ability to focus on it! So I’m procrastinating; i.e. putting off writing the MS in favour of a range of other activities. I’ve trimmed the dog’s paws (golden retrievers grow fur between their paw pads and then skid on tiled floors — it’s a talent, I guess), social media’d like a professional PR person (in my humble opinion), read (digested, ranted and otherwise responded to) email, designed a cute teaser for Sunday’s new release, Ran From Him, and stopped to think.


Procrastination is so important. It’s like an ice-breaker, forging a path through life’s busy-ness, so that we have time to think. If we just sit there, people seem to think we’re doing nothing, and so, should do something for them! But if we’re “busy” (procrastinating) then we’re free to think.

When I find myself procrastinating — doing something I hadn’t intended to do, while something I really need to get done is ignored — then I’m beginning to realise it’s a warning sign. Somewhere, sometime, I’ve gone off-track and need to stop, reassess and recover my purpose.

So although I’m annoyed with my subconscious today in sabotaging my plans, I am sitting here while I type this post, thinking about my writing schedule for the next six months and questioning it. I’m thinking of my marketing strategy, and questioning it. And I’m thinking, thinking, thinking of the current MS and a growing suspicion that the plot needs tweaking.

Procrastination is the secret to success!

4 Replies to “Procrastination. Don’t fight it”

  1. I’m not naturally a procrastinator (she says as she eyes some mail she hasn’t read) but when I do procrastinate it’s usually because my mind is on other things. So doing what I have to do probably won’t get the attention it deserves anyway.

    That’s my story and I’m sticking to it. 🙂