Salvia Week


Prepare yourself for strange happenings in a Salvia Week. You’ll want to have your sense of humour alive and kicking because it’s a laugh-or-explode kind of time.

A dozen times this week you’ll think “did you see that?” or “can you believe…?”. People’s ability to freak you out or to be plain, paralysingly stupid, is on show for the next seven days.

But never mind everyone else! Be ready for you own bit of humiliation. You are not immune to the lure of irrationality in a Salvia Week.

So I guess there’s a life lesson lurking here: don’t get stuck being afraid of looking stupid because stupid will find you, anyhow.

Remember the court jester of the Middle Ages? The idea was that the oh-so-foolish one, the holy fool, was the only one brave and stupid enough to see and say the truth.

Life is crazy. Prepare to laugh (at yourself).