General Catch Up

Sorry, but this post rambles — look away, now! πŸ˜‰

The calendar in my study is scrawled with release dates and promotional plans, so obviously I’m aware what month it is. I even know what day it is *glances swiftly at the date in the corner of the computer screen* but somehow it hadn’t dawned on me that I was half-way through April! Well into the SECOND quarter of the year. Where did March go? Heck, where did February scamper off to?

I think that says something about how busy I am. The insomnia says something about that, too — but I just bought a yummy herbal tea to deal with the sleep-eating gremlins! There’s lavender in the mix, which I thought odd, but actually tastes lovely.

I have a new release out April 23. I wrote Empty a while ago, but couldn’t find a home for it — not that I really looked. A short novella about strained family ties rather than romance is a huge step into the unknown for me.


But May brings me back to familiar ground with Escape Publishing bundling my coastal romances into one book. Love, Coast To Coast has me really excited. I hope lots of readers discover that short stories have all the emotional punch of longer works.


Meantime, I’m finishing another sweet western romance. I’ve fallen in love with writing them. My dad was a huge western movies fan when I was a kid, so I absorbed a love for Texas that has belatedly burst out! Does anyone else remember the Lucky Luke movies? It amused me no end when the star of those, Terence Hill, became the murder mystery solving priest in Don Matteo.

I’m also plotting a full length book, which is a total secret. Writing it is going toΒ utterly absorb me. It’s such an interesting concept. So I need to clear two months to focus on it; hence the mad activity, now.

Plus, throughout the year I’ve been testing and thinking about promotional activities. So many of the things people tell you to do don’t work — or at least, not for me. Amazon’s algorithms continue to obsess me (and I’m drawing other people into that web of obsession — it’s scary! πŸ˜‰ ).

So, that’s me. Life blurs past and I promise myself it’ll all be worth it when THE BOOK is written. Until then, if you need my attention, it’s best to shout loudly!

How’s 2015 for you?

2 Replies to “General Catch Up”

  1. When was the last time you slept, woman? LOL.

    My 2015 has been good so far. It would be better if we could sell that house, but it’ll happen when it happens. I just hope it’s in my lifetime. πŸ™‚

    1. Sleep … it’s that thing that’s meant to happen before morning coffee, right? LOL it’s not that bad. I sleep — and sometimes dream of book promo!

      Selling a house – you have my complete sympathy. I’m rushing over to Texas with tea and chocolate cookies. It’ll happen — the house sale, maybe not the Feds letting me bring a thermos of tea on the plane πŸ™‚