Pampas Grass Week


In a Pampas Grass Week feel the wind in your hair and taste freedom. This is the week where you acknowledge that life has its problems, but you give yourself permission to ignore them. Take a break. Take flight!

You MUST steal some time for yourself.

In fact, this is the week when taking a walk alone is going to show you something fascinating. You might be walking through a shopping mall or along a beach or just around your neighbourhood’s streets, but at some point you’ll see something that’ll change your thinking. One of your life’s most insoluble problems actually has a way around it. The problem won’t go away, but you can work around it.

Take a walk, empty your mind, stop fretting, and voila! There is an answer.

8 Replies to “Pampas Grass Week”

    1. Wendy, pampas grass is an ornamental plant that’s adapted so well to Western Australia (where I live) that it’s considered a weed – but it’s a pretty weed!

      The colours are unusual. I’m used to seeing them as white, but maybe something in the ground where they were growing (it’s a waste water plant) has coloured them.

      I’m glad you, too, found them pretty. I had to stop the car and take a photo. Had to! 🙂