Clean Romance on Kindle Unlimited

Clean Romance is a category of story that isn’t necessarily Christian (non-preachy, at least), but does close the door on sex scenes, minimise bad language and violence, and generally guarantee its readers a story that they wouldn’t be horrified to find their twelve year old niece reading. That said, some twelve year olds are more sophisticated in their reading than me!

kimqkThanks to Kindle Unlimited I’ve been writing some Clean Romance stories and finding readers who love them. Kiss Me, Quick (A Cowboy for Valentine’s Day) started me on this adventure — and it was readers and reviewers who identified and enjoyed it as a Clean Romance. Thank you! Sometimes the hardest thing for an author is discovering how to market her books; that is, who will enjoy them.

Clean romance, Kindle Unlimited,After discovering Clean Romance, I then wrote First Kiss where my shyly daring heroine paints a Texas cowboy’s horse pink — brave woman! I realised that I loved writing these stories where the dance of courtship has to be shown subtly and sweetly. It means a lot of concentration on character development so that the growing relationship is believable, and most especially, the happy ever after.

clean romance, kindle unlimited Then I wrote an adorable story that opens by a river at night in the Texas Hills Country where a small town schoolteacher is planning a summer of freedom until she bumps into the new sheriff who is gorgeous enough to derail a thousand plans! Summer Kiss captures the joy of the season.

In fact, I got hooked on these heartfelt tales, and wrote two more short clean romances, bundled all five into one collection (for 99c!) and here it is: Texas Kisses.


If short contemporaries aren’t your thing, I’ve recently released a science fiction romance that’s a bit different, emotionally real, and set in one of my favourite corners of Australia. Beyond Regeneration is about recovering from tragedy, holding true to your values, and daring to believe in the impossible.


Many of my other books include characters who aren’t so scrupulous at closing the bedroom door when things get frisky 😉 and those books are fun to write, too. But Clean Romance is heartwarming, enjoyable, and definitely part of my future.

Do you have any favourite Clean Romances?