Crazy Callistemon Week

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Are you ready for a crazy Callistemon Week? The everyday name for these flowers is bottlebrush — and that’s really what they look like. Bees love callistemon flowers with their bright colours and abundant pollen. I love them because they’re just so cheerful.

However, a Callistemon Week isn’t about cheeriness and buzzing around like a bee. It’s a week where you look for the crazy in your life — no, not in the mirror! Honestly, you people are funny 😉

This is a week to listen to your self-talk. We all have little conversations going on in our minds, random thoughts and observations. The problem is, unless we clean them out occasionally, they get polluted. The best way to do this is to listen to spend a bit of time this week listening to what you tell yourself. Are you positive, upbeat and seeing opportunities?

No, me neither.

So, time for a spring/autumn clean out. Bottlebrushes, ready? Scrub! We’re going to delete one negative, repeating thought. I don’t know the best method for doing this. Some things work for some people, some don’t. You can try replacing the negative thought with a positive one that you prepared earlier (not as silly as it sounds: think of positive things that you can use). Or you can just call the negative thought a lie, which it is, and move on.

As always, I’m not a trained counsellor or psychologist, and Flower Fortunes are simply a bit of fun. Consulting a psychologist is a really good idea if your negative thoughts are affecting your quality of life. In fact, that’s possibly the best of all strategies for scrubbing them out. We’re all works-in-progress and having allies on our journey is important.

Take care and have a great week — and if you’re looking for a positive thought: I think you’re bonza* (said with a strong Aussie accent — just so the voice in your head gets it right 😉 ).

*Bonza means first class, admirable, fantastic. Cool dude.

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