Pincushion Hakea Week


A Pincushion Hakea Week is all about preparation. Do any of you carry sewing kits in your handbag? Nope? How about when you go on holidays? A broken zip is no joke when you’re at a conference (been there, done that, was incredibly grateful for the safety pin in my purse).

Now, forget actual sewing kits and focus on metaphorical ones. We all have little strategies that help us get through the day. I’ve been known to bribe myself with chocolate to write a thousand words in an hour 🙂 But I guess I’m thinking more of how we respond to disruptions to our plans.

Resilience is about having alternative paths to our goals. Do you have any emergency options to let you keep going when you really have to finish something, but life is getting in the way? Building resilience builds our competence and confidence.

It doesn’t hurt to look over your metaphorical sewing kits and think about your safety pins, cotton and needles for running repairs. These are short term fixes to problems. They aren’t meant to work long term, but they’ll get you through the day.

I feel like a boy scout with this post: Be prepared!