Banksia Week


Tread warily this week, or you’ll be ick’d by what you tread in. A Banksia Week is going to bring some annoyances with it and worse, plenty of temptation to embarrass yourself. In fact, you might as well make up a badge that says, “sorry, let’s try that again”. But life doesn’t offer do-overs. All we can do is realise that we’ve stepped in it, shake off the ick, and move on.

Sometimes, too, the embarrassment only exists in our own minds. Other people haven’t even noticed. I wonder if it’s caused by the gap between how we’d like to be, and the reality that we’re only human?

So, stepping in ick this Banksia Week isn’t as bad as it sounds. You’ll be reminded that like all of us, you’re imperfect. That’s kind of liberating.

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