Nightshade Week


Deadly nightshade has pretty little flowers that resemble white stars and yummy-looking berries. Shame it’s also lethal, or at least, severely sick-making. Do NOT play with deadly nightshade.

In a Nightshade Week we also learn that situations in life can be just as pretty and inviting, only to end in pain and regret.

One of the wisest sayings ever goes something like: stupid is doing the same thing repeatedly, and expecting different results.

So it’s time to look at life. If something continues to hurt you, no matter how attractive it is, consider banning it.

I’m trying to do this with sugar — not that I’m banning it, but I am trying to severely curtail it. I love sugar, but I don’t like the uneven energy that comes with it, and I’m always aware that my nana died of diabetes.

A Nightshade Week means looking past the outward prettiness of things and facing the truths of them. It means making hard choices and following through on those decisions.

It was my great aunt who taught me to recognise deadly nightshade — and the appropriate response to the sight of it: pull up the weed and throw it away!