Nominate SKY GARDEN for Kindle Scout

Have you heard of Kindle Scout? It’s where you help a book get published. Please, nominate “Sky Garden” for publication, and if Kindle Scout picks it up, you’ll get a free digital copy on release. Thank you!

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So, that’s the short version. Here’s the longer version of what I’m up to and why I need your help.

Kindle Scout has been around about a year, but only fairly recently opened up to accepting submissions from Australians. I’ve been looking at it and nominating some books for publication that appealed to me. I have to admit, I like that when the Kindle Scout editors agree with my choices and accept a book for publication in the program, I’ll receive a free digital copy. More books!

Originally, I wrote Sky Garden with a view to using it as bait to hook myself a literary agent. However, that process requires a whole lot of time, patience and luck, and I’m bursting to get Sky Garden into readers’ hands (or onto their kindles). So after intense um’ing and ah’ing, I’ve submitted Sky Garden to Kindle Scout.

For 30 days, Sky Garden will be at the mercy of fickle fate — or rather, out there, trying to gather enough nominations for publication that the Kindle Scout editors agree and sign the book up to be edited, published and promoted by their program. For authors curious as to what I’ve signed up to, this is the Kindle Scout Agreement.

As part of the submission process, the blurb for Sky Garden had to be shrunk to 500 characters. That’s quite a challenge.

Lanie Briers used to perform as a medium, before a serial killer kidnapped her. Now she hides above a quirky Bloomsbury museum because the killer might be dead, but his evil haunts her.

Nick Tawes is filming a TV series on roof gardens. He intends to build one in Lanie’s rooftop retreat. The illegitimate son of British aristocracy, he fights his own demons.

As summer progresses and the sky garden grows, secrets are revealed. But someone is watching, and he’ll kill to bury forever one final truth.

But I met the challenge!

So far, the Kindle Scout process — or rather, preparing for it — has been fun. I’m happy to answer any questions, and will report back on how things go. Nominations close November 21, 2015.

If you have an Amazon account, nominating Sky Garden for publication is as simple as clicking its Kindle Scout page, and then, clicking the blue “Nominate Me” button. Please, do. I appreciate your kindness enormously.

Kindle Scout, romantic suspense, Sky Garden, Jenny Schwartz, contemporary romance, London, kindle unlimited,