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I’m a fan of graphics supporting a textual message. With my romantic suspense novel, Sky Garden, listed with Kindle Scout and needing nominations for Kindle Scout editors to consider it for publication, I know I need to be on-message all 30 days of the campaign — and “campaign” is exactly what Kindle Scout calls this nomination process.

But even while I want to be on-message, I don’t want to annoy everyone with endless “Nominate Sky Garden” promo. So, part of my strategy is to go graphical.

If I’m interesting on Twitter or Facebook, people might click through to discover who that witty person is (I can be witty – I think). At the point of click-through, I want one message to come through: nominate Sky Garden for Kindle Scout. So I changed my Twitter and Facebook headers.

kindle scout, sky garden,

kindle scout, sky garden, romantic suspense,

I also made up a Facebook ad-sized teaser with the same message, and pinned them to the top of my Twitter and Facebook pages. If anyone wants to kindly reshare a tweet or post, there it is.

Kindle Scout, romantic suspense, Sky Garden, Jenny Schwartz, contemporary romance, London, kindle unlimited,

The teaser is also useful for occasional promoting in Kindle-focussed Facebook groups.

A good graphic goes a long way!

Side note: For authors interested in Kindle Scout, the discussion on this KindleBoards thread is both supportive and informative.

Next post: My low budget Facebook advertising experiment. Stay tuned!

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