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sky garden, kindle scout, kindle scout promotion,In Sky Garden, the heroine is curator of a quirky museum in Bloomsbury that is all about the Edwardian era. Researching what would have been in an Edwardian home and the attitudes that would have been on display was a lot of fun. Then, add in that the hero of Sky Garden designs an Edwardian-inspired roof garden above the museum, and you can see why my huge challenge was not to lose myself in research.

Here are some of the articles and sites I found:

For a sense of the London population and street level experience, the British History Archive is amazing. I’ve linked to Grosvenor Square.

In lighter reading, The Daily Mail has an article on re-creating your own Edwardian garden.

A.M. Kleeman, Wijnhandel Amsterdam
Edwardian style
BBC Homes is enthralling. Choose the time period you’re interested in, and immerse yourself. The Edwardians.

The museum occupies a Georgian house, so this look inside a Georgian townhouse was fascinating. Thanks, Sharon Lathan, for the post.

London’s Lost Rivers have nothing to do with Sky Garden, but I love this site, and the history.

There are a number of reasons I sited the museum in Bloomsbury. Bloomsbury has name recognition, and it’s cool.

Finally, if you want to while away some time, you can check out the amazing sites of the UK National Trust.

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3 Replies to “Edwardian Inspiration”

  1. Fun inspiration! I’ve bookmarked all of these links and plan spending lots of time at most. I love looking through the past, discovering interesting facts, looking at beautiful fashions. One of my favorite moments in time is the mid 1800’s-early 1900’s. What an amazing time to live in!! Think of all the new inventions & discoveries! Fascinating, yes!! Thanks for sharing!!!!!

      1. I love the clothing, too! Although I’d have hated to wear the corsets.

        That era was amazing. The world opened up and I think people had more hope – before the First World War.

        The internet has so many great history sites we really need a lifetime just to explore them 🙂