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Until my Kindle Scout campaign for Sky Garden ends on Nov 21, 2015, I’ll be obsessed with it. I check the statistics (low, low and disappointingly low) and I worry. It leads me to question whether the lack of reader engagement is due to an off-putting cover, blurb or excerpt. Or is it the whole idea of the story that sucks? Such are my 3 a.m. worries. It could be that my reader engagement isn’t low at all – but that’s not how things look in the wee hours.

However, I can’t lose the 30 days of the Kindle Scout campaign to worrying. So this is where the multiple projects things comes garden, kindle scout, kindle scout promotion,

As much as I prefer to focus on one project at a time, I know my time is more efficiently spent if I allocate it among different projects. This enables me to have multiple projects at different stages of completion, and then, to some extent, I can switch between them according to the time and energy available to me.

For me, it goes like this, moving from maximum energy and time, to limited amounts of both:

First draft
Edits (i.e. working on editor’s revisions)
Second draft (i.e. working on my own revision notes)
Blogging (my site and guest posting)
Copy edits
Social media (Facebook, Twitter)
Graphic design (teasers, etc)

With Sky Garden well into its 30 day Kindle Scout campaign, it’s getting blogging and social media attention from me. My gold star time is given to writing “Djinn Justice” and at the back of my mind I’m turning over plot ideas for “Dragon Knight”, as well as another currently amorphous project.

Do you have multiple projects on the go? How do you split your time?

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7 Replies to “Multiple Projects”

  1. I’m always working on multiple projects, Jenny, but there’s no plan to how my time is allocated. It would look like creative chaos to anyone on the outside looking in but it seems to work for me. Obviously anything with a deadline takes priority. For everything else it’s what I feel most enthusiastic about doing at the moment. I do write lists but they are never completed because there’s always something new to add. Sky Garden sounds like a great read. Keep up the Kindle Scouting activity.

    1. Teena *high fives another list maker* Creative chaos can be rewarding. I’m envious you’ve made it work for you. Working out how to use our energy best (and how to renew it) is vital.

  2. Jenn, thanks for keeping us posted on the Kindle Scout progress. I think you did everything just right. It’s your book & therefore, all choices are ones to be proud of. Don’t second guess your creations! I know that’s impossible to do for writers anxiously awaiting publication, but HOW many of us can say we wrote a book and got international recognition on Kindle Scout?! Not many!! I don’t think enough people know about Kindle Scout. I, myself, only learned of the program last year through another author. Hopefully, more readers will catch on to this unique opportunity to be a part of a book’s journey and an author’s success. 21 of November is still a ways off. Hoping for the VERY BEST!!!

      1. LOL ‘ing reading how you tackle multiple projects … if I was to take up crafting, that’d be me, too. I’d be learning to quilt and crocheting and breaking off to bake… sounds good, actually. But I’m too obsessed with Kindle Scout at the moment 🙂 Thanks for all your encouragement, Mary.

        1. My granny used to sew exquisite French batiste dresses for the girls when they were growing up. She also made fabulous porcelain bisque dolls. Fired the bisque heads, painted the faces, sewed gorgeous dresses. One year, she made all of the girls ( including her four daughters, one daughter in law, four granddaughters) a 2 ft porcelain, antique looking Santa Claus for Xmas. Each probably worth $100.00 IF she were to sell them!!! Two years later, she made all of us another beautiful doll. Mine is in a luscious yellow French batiste dress. Really exquisite! She made amazing quilts from material she’d collected thru out the years. She painted. She was extremely talented & my mother is also artistic. Doesn’t have the time but used to. Me? Uh…I color in the lines quite nicely. In coloring books. Go figure! I do wish I could quilt. I am a great baker though but no where near what Granny was. Miss her homemade biscuits & gravy. Crap! Now I’m starving.

          1. Your Granny sounds clever! I knew someone years ago who made porcelain dolls – I had long hair then and she coveted it for her dolls! They’re lots of work, but so beautiful.

            And now, you’ve made me think of baking!