Friends and Kindle Scout

I never expected that trying Kindle Scout as a path-to-publication option for my romantic suspense novel, Sky Garden, would open the door to warm-fuzzies, but it has.

The advice around things like the Kindle Scout program, where you need nominations (i.e. people to click, vote or whatever you want to call pushing that blue button) is to activate your online network. Ask people to nominate your book.

So I did.

And what has overwhelmed me is the generosity with which people have responded to that request. We’re all busy, distracted and the cat-has-just-coughed-up-a-hairball kind of frantic people, and yet, my friends have stepped up, found those spare moments, and nominated Sky Garden — and then, they’ve gone further. I’ve had reshares of the request. I’ve had so many good wishes and honest questions. Shelley Munro invited me to post at her blog about my experience. It’s been amazing. A special shout-out to my BookLikes friend Mary – one day, I’m going to get to Louisiana!

I have half the campaign still to go for Sky Garden, but whatever happens, I feel blessed. ben

Yesterday, I caught up with my critique partner, Eliza Redgold, and she gave me a signed copy of her new book, Enticing Benedict Cole. It was so exciting to hold a copy in my hands, having known Ben since he was just a baby, so to speak 😉 But just as touching was to open the book and read the inscription, a special one that referenced back to my Kindle Scout hopes and dreams.

Friends understand the importance of our dreams, and support them. I am so very, very lucky.

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2 Replies to “Friends and Kindle Scout”

  1. This was beautiful, Jenn! Really touched me & absolutely made me smile. I hope ya do get the chance to travel to Louisiana. I’ll meet you in New Orleans. Thanks for the shout out!!

    Always & best wishes!! <3