Honeyeater in the garden

I have a fortnight’s breathing space and I’m very grateful for it. After the tension of Sky Garden‘s Kindle Scout campaign, then its release (on Thanksgiving Eve – possibly not the best timing, although I was very thankful to have the book out), looming in front of me is Djinn Justice‘s release on Dec 9, and its free weekend, Dec 11-13, which means more stress, even if it’s of the good kind. So, I’m grateful for these two weeks of downtime.

Of course, by downtime, I mean I’m hard at work on Djinn Justice‘s sequel, Dragon Knight. But that’s a joy!

I’ll also be catching up with my critique partner. I can’t believe it’ll be our last catch up of the year! We always have fantastic discussions about writing, publishing and life in general. I’m looking forward to it, although there’ll be serious questions and challenges as we map out our writing goals and strategies for achieving them in 2016. I do like having a plan.

4 Replies to “Interlude”

  1. “I think I may be emoticon-illiterate” – I know I am, lol! Esp when say my phone has an emoticon but it translates into things like question marks or static on websites or even my wife’s phone. Oh, well, makes for some interesting (mis)interpretations 🙂

      1. I had to smile at your emoticon problems — in a sympathetic way! I’m trying to learn them, since the newspaper articles are saying they’re THE new way to communicate! Ummmm. I think I may be emoticon-illiterate 😉